A major part of the Historic Loop winds itself upon the ridge of West Mountain.  Its course is filled with curves and left and right angle turns.  It is further unique in that it traverses along more than just a few streets, each retaining its original name in most cases.  One stretch of the Loop, starting from Hwy 62 W -- ending at the Crescent Hotel, is composed of all or fractions of the following streets Kings Hwy, Ojo, Summit, Washington, Mountain, White, Pine, Prospect, and Crescent Drive.  Pursuing this course, one encounters 4 Right turns, 5 Left turns, 3 Curves, and 2 S-Curves.
A decade after streets were cut on West Mountain, tracks were laid to provide the convenience of horse-drawn trolleys, which later became electric car-lines in 1899.
With the advent of the automobile, some streets were altered, widened, and elevated -- necessitating in the Historic Loop becoming an alternate highway called Hwy 62W -B